Our Mission

The buzzword in the global business scenario is “Change”, which engulfs anticipation of competition, improvisation in services according to varying customer expectations, diversification, and efficient tackling of dynamic market forces. In order to continue to thrive and excel as a Tours & Travels company, Deneb & Pollux must have a mission and vision, supported by strong values, that enables the organization to look ahead, have a clear foresight into the future, understand the trends and forces that would shape business in the coming years and move swiftly to prepare for “Change”. The roadmap of building a global corporate begins with the vision of creating long-term business associations and participations.

Deneb & Pollux Tours & Travels Private Limited aims at providing complete transport and travel solutions to its esteemed clients, in compliance with service expectations, statutory needs and strict safety and quality parameters. The entire spectrum of service encompasses designing of travel packages, planning of itineraries, provisioning of hospitality and providing various options of transport.

The core expertise of the company is car rental. Deneb & Pollux aims excellence in the domain by integrating superior human skill sets with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in exceptional and unrivalled quality of cars and chauffeurs at reasonable prices.

The company is committed towards rendering car hire service on pan-India and global levels. For this objective dynamic strategy would be devised to make every location reachable and serviceable through direct office and service partners.

Clear and transparent HR practices, continuous training and guidance, implementation of 5S system at workplace and surroundings, conformity with Health, Security, Safety and Environmental norms and ethical operation of all related functions, are the tools that would support Deneb & Pollux in its endeavour to achieve services par excellence.