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Business Profile

The mission of Deneb & Pollux is to provide customers with long-term quality transportation solutions, which are cost effective with the objective to be recognized as a preferred business partner with a high standard of safety of service. Customers should be convinced that their life & property are safe in our hands.

Established in 2000 as a travel organization, which slowly diversified into all other travel & tours related activities. Our services include CAR & COACH RENTALS; INBOUND, OUTBOUND & LEISURE TRAVEL; ADVENTURE & PILGRIMAGE TRAVEL; AIR TICKETING; HOTEL BOOKING; TRAVEL INSURANCE; FOREX & CONCIERGE SERVICES.

We provide a wide bouquet of services to our corporate as well as individual clients. The services span from Planning & Coordinating their travel, providing transportation, booking hotels, tickets and even providing tourist guides as a compliment. Our team of highly trained individuals specializes in business travel management focusing on our clients’ requirements and working with their staff to achieve total satisfaction.

Through robust business management, We have grown to have 11 offices in India catering to the specific needs of our clients, apart from a worldwide team of associates. The Company has offices at New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Calcutta, Jaipur, Agra, Bangalore, Kochi/Alleppey, and Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar. We have grown to a fleet of over 850 cars to date, and has formed a wide network of vendors to increase capacity at short notice. This has been possible due to the sheer goodwill created as a result of the QUALITY of our services and the VISION and experience of our core team.

Deneb & Pollux has a network of offices worldwide in order that we can locally serve our clients, regardless of which area of the world they are based.

We have always been at the forefront in establishing and raising quality management standards within the Transportation industry and operate a broad spectrum of vehicles to the highest industry standards.

Deneb & Pollux is committed to maintaining the highest standard of safety, Security and environmental protection at all times, this is achieved by investing in the training and future of all of our employees. As one of India’s leading car rental company, We operate a diverse fleet of vehicles, however all of these have one thing in common, and they all operate to the same high standard, the standard demanded by the Top Management of Deneb & Pollux.

We recognize that you need capable, competent, well trained, medically fit and highly motivated chauffeur driving you safely on ever congesting roads. Our belief is that vehicle drivers are our most important asset, in terms of optimizing safety and enhancing company’s overall performance & reputation. Recruited and selected with great skill and care, trained in our own centers, we give them clear objectives and reinforce this with feedback through our appraisal reporting procedures.