Mr. Madan Mohan Managing Director

Armed with a Post graduation degree in Commerce & MBA degree in marketing, Mr. Madan Mohan has nurtured Deneb & Pollux from its sprouting days. His dedication, hard work and commitment have contributed to the phenomenal growth of the company. Madan Mohan is a man of many facets; he is an adventurous person, photographer, social worker and a keen follower of spirituality.
He is a member of Chinmaya Mission and is associated with several reputed charity organizations. He himself runs a charitable trust for the betterment of rural girl child, which is actively involved in the state of Rajasthan.Madan Mohan believes India has the potential of becoming the best tourist destination in Asia. His vision & goal is to make Deneb & Pollux a truly global company in the next decade.

Mr. Krishan Mohan Director – HR Systems

Mr. Krishan Mohan holds a Master degree in social welfare (MSW) and a law degree from Rajasthan University. He is in charge of recruitment, training & assessment of staff. He has the responsibility for creation, implementation and revision of company’s operating procedures.
Krishan Mohan is a strict disciplinarian and a perfectionist by habit, obviously he settles for the best. He often reminds persons working with him that there is always room for improvement. He believes that reputation of a company depends on the quality of persons it employs. He has focused his vision on human resource development with priority on knowledge, skills and behavioral aspects to meet the challenges of change and growth successfully.

MR. H.W.BHATNAGAR Director - Mentor

Shri Harsh Wardhan Bhatnagar joined the board of Directors as a “Mentor” in year 2011. Being the ex-Chairman & Managing Director of one of the ‘Navratna’, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Mr. Bhatnagar is a visionary & versatile leader with exemplary career record and an extensive experience covering a full spectrum of business operations across diverse products and environment. He has substantial experience of successfully managing / establishing / marketing a wide variety of business verticals, like Power, Industry, Transportation, Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Transmission and Oil & Gas.
Under the experienced and wise guidance of Mr.H.W.Bhatnagar, Deneb & Pollux has ventured into full scale diversification and taken the path of multi-faceted growth. The contribution of Director (Mentor) is manifest in the high level of quality and professionalism of services and exemplary growth in revenues and profits.

Mr. Kanwar singh yadav Director – Facilities

Prior joining Deneb & Pollux, Mr. Kanwar Singh Yadav had served as Chief Manager in Hindustan Copper Ltd. He holds a degree in Mining Engineering and COC as 1st class Mine Engineer. He was awarded ‘Safety & Best Production Award”’ for seven consecutive years while in service. He has vast experience in handling and managing large-scale projects including men and material.
With his able leadership, technical knowledge & professional background, Deneb & Pollux, has achieved an excellent reputation in the industry for maintaining its infrastructure and facilities, at the highest operating standards. In house maintenance schedule of vehicles devised under his leadership has enabled smooth running of vehicles with negligible breakdowns.